operating room
Open surgery platform for the future
It is an open platform for the future that can be continually expanded to meet individual needs as the hospital grows.
The platform is equipped with:
Modules such as video integration, teaching & demonstration, information storage, IT interaction
It adopts the platform design concept and continuously inspires the clinical information application.
Smart surgical applications in the age of big data
Real big data:
It not only stores images and live videos, but also synchronously stores physiological data from monitors, anesthesia machines, and other devices. With an open architecture, data can be easily retrieved by the clinic.
Cloud storage:
Break server hardware limitations for fast and massive access
Perioperative medicine teaching & demonstration solution
Training professional physicians in perioperative medicine requires a holistic vision of the full diagnosis and treatment cycle. Interdisciplinary and cross-departmental integrated treatment requires not only data inside the operating room, but also data about the outpatient visits, examinations, nursing, surgical reports, medical instructions, images, physiological indicators, etc. Smart OR provides full-platform information for perioperative medicine. It not only supports the clinic in developing treatment plans, but also provides students with vivid and comprehensive presentations of clinical cases.
Build a central control system that connects everything
An IoT platform that provides centralized control of nursing. In addition to controlling and adjusting devices including surgical lights, operating tables and medical pendants before the surgery, it can also control the OR's purification system and centrally control the ambient temperature, humidity, pressure, brightness, light tone, etc., enabling the interconnection of infrastructure.